Abyss Group

Abyss Group provides workboat-, ROV- and diving services for Aquaculture, Oil&Gas and the construction industry.  In addition, the company Ocein AS (part of Abyss Group) develops new technology and innovative solutions for making Aquaculture service operations safer and more efficient.

Abyss Group operates 15 work vessels with diving and ROV capability, 5 offshore and inshore ROV systems, 2 containerized diving systems, and a range of specialized offshore subsea equipment,  Abyss companies are ISO 9001 certified, as well as certified for In-water Surveys (underwater inspections) by DNVGL, Bureau Veritas, ABS and Lloyds Register.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Workboat services
  • Diving services
  • ROV services
  • ROV Pilot Training
  • ROV-/Subsea workshop services
  • ROV- and subsea equipment and tooling

Victor Jensen

Phone: +47 71 58 06 00




aPOINT is a consulting company providing services within project management, business development and IT. Through assessment, development and funding for projects in the field of digitalization, energy use and energy production, aPOINT assists their customers keep their competitiveness for the future. In a time of rapid development, new knowledge and lack of time and resources businesses, the company can contribute in the early phase with special expertise in energy, digitalisation, business development and project management to help implementing good ideas. 

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Digitalization
  • Business development
  • Energy consulting
  • Management
  • Project management

Arild Næss
Phone: +47 96 62 88 08

Nils Erik Pettersen
Phone: +47 91 88 55 67




Averøy Industripark

Averøy Industripark is located in the middle of Norway with short distance to the fairway along the Norwegian coast and Norwegian Sea. The company offer extensive quay facilities and a well-placed yard with wide services for marine industry, maritime and other sectors, such as rigs, ships and offshore. Through one single point of contact, Averøy Industripark provide services handling all the needs of transport, storage and expediting for shipping customers.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • 280m Deepwater quay with DNV GL approved bollards from 100 Ton to 350 Ton
  • Shore power for vessels and rigs
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse
  • Pallet stock
  • Outdoors storage area
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance services
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Storage and handling
  • Project management
  • Multidiscipline project services
  • Rental of 8.000m2 workshops, warehouse and offices

Frank Ellingsen
Phone: +47 909 44 194


Carl Stahl AS

Carl Stahl GmbH International er et familieeid selskap som ble stiftet i 1880 i Süssen, Tyskland. Carl Stahl GmbH har i dag over 1450 ansatte på verdensbasis og er en global leverandør av løfteutstyr.

Carl Stahl AS er den norske divisjonen av Carl Stahl GmbH og ble etablert i Bergen i 2000. Siden den gang har vi blitt en ledende leverandør av løfte- og fortøyningsutstyr, samt service og sertifisering av løfteutstyr til offshore og onshorebransjen i Norge. Vi har betydelig kompetanse på løft, og fungerer i mange tilfeller som tekniske rådgivere for våre kunder.

Vi er lokalisert med kontorer og lager i Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Kristiansund, Hammerfest og Honningsvåg. 

Carl Stahl AS er ISO sertifisert iht. NS-EN 9001-2008 og har fokus på HMS, kvalitetssikring og høy servicegrad.

Selskapet har vaktordning og et betydelig lagerhold av relevante produkter.

Vi er også sertifisert Sakkyndig Virksomhet og prekvalifisert i Achilles og Sellihca.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

Lifting equipment, Mooring equipment, Steel Wire Rope, Safety equipment

Paul Einar Storvik
Phone: 474 67 931

Rune Neshaug
Phone: 924 42 813


Certex Norge

Certex Norge AS is a leading supplier of wire rope, lifting products, mooring and ship equipment, based on own production and high quality suppliers. In addition, the company offer a wide range of services that include expert control and repairs within crane and lifting technology, technical service, NDT and maritime service. Certex offer local presence and a high level of service from departments along the Norwegian coast.

Certex Kristiansund is a leading supplier of quality products to both the onshore and offshore market, and other maritime businesses. The company’s main services and products are lifting, mooring and ship equipment, and offer local service within engineering, inspection, spooling, testing and certification.

Certex Norge AS is ISO 9001 certified, DNV approved for production of DNV 2.7-1 sling, and registered in Achilles.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Lifting equipment
  • Mooring equipment
  • Steel Wire Rope
  • Safety equipment

Stig Blakstad
Phone: +47 715 88 820 (24/7 service)


EKH Grafisk

EKH Grafisk is a full-service provider within marketing, design and print, with designers in Kristiansund and Molde, providing customers a fast turnaround time on printed materials from a local offset and digital printing house.

With the large number of different channels nowadays, EKH help their customers find the right channels and create a fitting message to reach the right audience in the right way, at the right time.

EKH design logos and corporate identities, create engaging and targeted marketing solutions for all media, and design and produce marketing material such as brochures, presentations, campaigns and exhibition materials as well as customized websites.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Graphic design for all media
  • Logos and corporate identities
  • Website design and development
  • Brochures, catalogues and advertising
  • Forms, labels and tags
  • Envelopes, business cards, letterheads etc.
  • Books; hardcopy and electronic
  • Distribution

"Ink on paper is a wonderful technology – fast to produce and you don’t need any device other than the human eye to consume it." – Charles Vallance

Berit Breistrand
Phone: + 47 40 40 17 82

Randi Five
Phone: +47 469 78 506



eSEA Marine

eSEA Marine personnel are compiled from different segments across the marine and tech industry to enable new thinking and contribute to safe and effective work methods. Norway traditionally has great competence within the maritime industry. eSEA Marine aim to utilize and develop this competence by making sure it is used to conserve our world for the future while sustainably exploiting the resources.

Located at Kronullfabrikken, an innovative co-working space with event space, offices, quay, workshop and storage facilities all in one.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Advisory:
    • Competence across marine sectors
    • Marine cleaning / sustainability
    • Asset assurance
    • QC & compliance
    • Fisheries
  • Marine operations:
    • Innovative, customised solutions for complex challenges
    • ROV work and inspections
    • Seabed and coastal cleaning
    • Offshore marine operations
  • Survey
    • Hybrid mapping
  • Facilities (in co-operation with Kronullfabrikken):
    • Base facilities
    • Storage
    • Solution development
    • Project hosting
    • Hosting of events with practical showcases

Magnus Stranden
Phone: +47 92 08 41 26


Eureka Pumps

EUREKA PUMPS AS is a Norwegian pump supplier with more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, offering a range of pumps and generator sets that covers a majority of applications. EUREKA PUMPS supplies to new builds and operates advanced maintenance and service. The company also offers services for upgrading, modification, equipment testing,  installation and commissioning.

EUREKA PUMPS is a market leader among companies operating on the Norwegian Continental shelf, and it is also present in International markets with selected applications, based on own technology. EUREKA PUMPS main office is in Oslo (Lysaker), Norway, and has branch offices at strategic locations along the Norwegian coast. EUREKA PUMPS also has offices in St.Johns, Houston, Busan, Kuala Lumpur and Perth.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:






Ole Fredrik Randgaard


Kristiansund Taubåtservice

Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS was founded on proud maritime traditions in 1980. Since then, we have earned the reputation as reliable and respected player in the market.

Our main services are tugboat activities and barge operations, but we have successfully participated in a wide range of marine operations.

With a strong focus on safety, our goal is to offer services at a realistic price, and deliver with minimum loss of time.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

Marine operations, towing, berthing, barge handling, salvage

Kjetil Kvande Hansen
Phone: +47 901 77 922

Phone: +47 716 79 530


Norsea Vestbase

Norsea Vestbase is committed to one overriding vision - to be the primary hub for all offshore activities in the Norwegian Sea. Vestbase is supported in this goal by an outstanding and unique location in the city of Kristiansund - close to city center and Kvernberget airport and heliport.

Norsea Vestbase manages a broad range of machineries (cranes, forklifts, flatbeds, terminal tractors etc) and an organization securing safe and efficient logistical support – both for regular and ad-hoc clients.

In addition of being the main harbor and hub, Vestbase is an industrial cluster with approx. 50 + companies established, providing a broad range of products and services. 

Main infrastructure:
  • 580.000 + 120.000 sqm
  • 100.000 sqm (warehouses, workshops, offices)
  • 11+2 quays (incl 3 roro-quays, heavylift-quays, quays for larger vessels/rigs. 4 quays with shore power)
  • Supplies: MGO, LNG, Water and various bulk products

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Terminal services
  • Technical services
  • Cleaning services
  • Preservation
  • Storage and goods handling services
  • Provider of infrastructure (outdoor storage, warehouses, workshops & offices)

Ture Haugen
Phone: +47 41 50 78 82


ODA Connect

ODA Connect AS is a recruitment company covering the middle of Norway.  Our head office is located in Sunndalsøra. We also have offices in Kristiansund and Oppdal.

In addition we have established a recruitment company i Krakow Poland.

Our company recruits both temporary personnel, and permanent personnel.

Among others, ODA Connect AS have customers in the oil- and gas sector. In this industry, there is a big demand for work force in the fields of welders, NDT, sheet-metal workers and mechanics, all of which we recruit. We also recruit people for all type of businesses at any level.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:


Oda Connect tilbyr utleie av personell og rekruttering innen de fleste fagområder og bransjer. Vi har imidlertid definert noen satsningsområder hvor våre konsulenter og medarbeidere har spisset kompetanse og erfaring.

Bygg og anlegg

Vi leverer til personell til alle typer byggeprosjekter. Våre kunder varierer fra store landsdekkende entreprenører til mindre byggefirma.

Kompetanse: Tømrere, betongarbeidere, murere, rørleggere og hjelpearbeidere.

Olje og gass

Våre kunder i olje- og gass næringen er i all hovedsak oljeservicebedrifter.  Våre medarbeidere utfører offshore- og landbaserte oppdrag innen vedlikehold og modifikasjon.

Kompetanse: NDT (nivå 2 og 3), riggere, brannvakter, industrimekanikere, industrirørleggere, plate- og sveis. 


Oda Connect lever helsepersonell til det offentlige og det private helsevesen. Våre medarbeidere har skandinavisk språk og er autoriserte i SAFH.

Kompetanse: Sykepleiere, hjelpepleiere og tannleger.

Elektro og mekaniske bransjer

Vi har lang erfaring fra leveranser innen disse fagfeltene. Kundene våre er mekaniske selskap med oppdrag innen industrien, elektroentreprenører og installasjonsselskaper med behov for personell innen industri, service og installasjon.

Kompetanse: Platearbeidere, industrimekanikere, cnc-operatører, elektromontører(DSB), tavlebyggere, industrirørleggere og hjelpearbeidere.  

Andre fagområder

Oda Connect har også erfaring innen utleie og rekruttering av personell innen kontor, administrasjon, rengjøring og andre merkantile yrker.


Om oss

Oda Connect AS er et norsk bemanningsselskap som har sitt nedslagsfelt i Møre og Romsdal og i Trøndelag. Selskapet har hovedkontor på Sunndalsøra og avdelingskontorer på Oppdal og i Kristiansund.

Selskapet leverer de fleste typer bemanningstjenester til det private næringsliv og det offentlige. Vi tilbyr to tjenester. Utleie av midlertidig bemanning og rekruttering til faste ansettelser. Vi leverer personell innen industri, bygg- og anleggsbransjen, olje- og gass næringen, elektro- og mekaniske bransjer helsesektoren og andre merkantile bransjer. Vi rekrutterer personell fra Sverige, Island, Polen og Norge. Vi rekrutterer personell på alle nivåer.

Vi har et kvalitetssystem i henhold til en iso-9001 standard.

Øyvind Nordvik
Phone: +47 951 80 143

Phone: 71 40 55 40



Quality Hotel Grand Kristiansund

Quality Hotel Grand Kristiansund is a venerable conference and corporate hotel situated in the heart of the scenic city of Kristiansund. The hotel offers efficient conference facilities and easy access to a wide variety of cultural attractions.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Conference facilities
  • Gym
  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Lobby bar
  • Lounge 24  
  • Catering

John O. Ferstad
Phone: +47 92 60 50 60

Phone: +47 71 57 13 00



ResQ is a total supplier of safety training and operational readiness. With five modern security training centers located along the Norwegian coast, ResQ offer safety and emergency training for the oil and gas industry, shipping and maritime industry, as well as tailor-made courses and training. ResQ is approved in accordance with Norwegian Oil and Gas and STCW. In addition to the training centers, ResQ manage an emergency response center at Forus that offers operational emergency preparedness 24/7, as well as services, counseling and training within emergency preparedness and crisis management.

In 2019 ResQ celebrates 10 years in Kristiansund! 

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Safety and emergency training
  • Tailor-made courses
  • Emergency response center
  • Crisis management

Odd Skjærseth
Phone: +47 911 62 800


Safepath as

Safepath is a consulting and advisory company with deep knowledge within marine operations and marine safety. Safepath are equipped and handles 24/7 monitoring of marine vessel traffic, inspections, third party verification, audit, development and simplification of procedures as well as training in emergency prepardness.

Sidsel Sæterøy
Phone: +47 991 55 447

Terje Rødahl
Phone: +47 976 37 400


Sea-Way Logistics

Sea-Way Logistics AS is a logistics company in Kristiansund. With several decades of experience in the logistics industry, the company is well equipped to assist their customers with efficient transport and secure storage. Sea-Way Logistics offer freezer and dry storage services, and transport by truck, aircraft, boat World Wide and freight forwarding. Further, the company offer unloading, loading, reloading, registration, customs clearance, and control. With facilities centrally located on the fishing base in Kristiansund harbor, Sea-Way have good entrance and quay conditions, as well as good access with efficient reloading for trailers and boat.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Transport; truck, aircraft, boat and freight forwarding
  • Secure storage; freezer or dry storage
  • Unloading / loading / reloading
  • Registration
  • Customs clearance and control

Morten Berg
Phone: +47 71 58 54 20


Solid Offshore Technology

SolidTech provides services such as technical integrity, rope access services, lifting technology services, engineering, mechanical fabrication and management services. SolidTech has it’s headquarter in Kristiansund and branch offices in Bergen.

SolidTech can list a number of significant reference projects and has frame agreements with leading companies in the oil and gas industry. SolidTech is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, and is an approved service supplier by DNV GL, ABS and LR.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Technical Integrity (NDT, Drops and derrick inspection, drilling and subsea equipment, hull and structure inspection, corrosion management, RBI of piping systems, advanced inspection solutions)
  • Rope access services combined with technical skills (NDT, welding, electro etc.)
  • Engineering
  • Lifting technology services and certification

Frode Tolcsiner (CEO)
Phone: +47 992 12 630



Sparebank1 Nordvest

SpareBank 1 Nordvest is an independent and local bank in Møre og Romsdal, with branch offices located in Averøy, Eide, Gjemnes, Halsa, Molde, Smøla, Straumsnes, Tustna and Ålesund. The head office is located in Kristiansund.

SpareBank 1 Nordvest aim to be a solid, profitable and independent bank that are attractive to employees, customers, equity certificate holders and partners through cultivating quality and efficiency. The company strive to be known for being competent, personal and professional. Sparebank 1 Nordvest take pride in being personal, with motivated and committed employees.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Private banking services
  • Business banking services
  • Lending / funding
  • Financial advice

Ole Vidar Brattøy
Phone: +47 90 14 88 18


SR Group

Kostnadseffektiv logistikk

SR Group er basert på de enkle prinsipper om å være fleksibel, rask og kunnskapsrik. Et av våre sterkeste kjennetegn er evnen til å raskt iverksette enhver operasjon. Vi har umiddelbar responstid og tilgjengelighet av dedikert personell 24 timer i døgnet, 365 dager i året.

Vi vet at tilgjengelighet er et kritisk element for at bedrifter skal beholde sin konkurranseevne i dagens marked. Derfor har vi gjort det billig å operere tilgjengelig!

Våre kunder lever av å være fleksible og tilgjengelige ovenfor sine kunder. Vi hjelper dem med å nå dette målet, uten fordyrende kostnader og avgifter.

Utfordre oss til å utføre din logistikk, så skal vi påse at du får en kostnadseffektiv logistikk.

Slik det bør være!

Disciplines / areas of expertise:


SR Group transporterer all type gods i hele Norge.


SR Group Logistics Icon - International

SR Group er en betydelig aktør innen logistikk globalt.


SR Group Logistics Icon - Tank Truck

SR Group frakter kjemikalier og flytende gods i hele Skandinavia.

Les mer

SR Group Logistics Icon - Terminal

SR Group har terminaler og varelager i Norge, Brasil og Singapore

Frode Gustad
Phone: +4795252921


Stena Recycling

The Stena Metal Group offers recycling services in five geographical markets through various companies operating under the Stena Recycling name. As a result, the company is used to thinking across borders. This is evident from their customer solutions. The Stena Metal Group has recycling operations in around 200 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland where waste from throughout society is converted into new raw materials.  

Even though Stena Recycling is a big company, they are proud to act like a small one. To the company, this is synonymous with less bureaucracy, greater openness and consideration.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Waste solutions
  • Tailor-made industry solutions
  • Re-use
  • Consulting
    • Sustainable resource management
    • Design for recycling
    • Optimized waste management
    • Safety advice dangerous goods
    • Sorting and classifying hazardous waste
    • Declaration of hazardous waste

Rolf Hammeraas
Phone: + 47 464 16 196



Storvik provides multidisciplinary services, products and projects to the Norwegian and the international market. The company’s slogan is “improvement partner” for customers, saving costs in a relatively tough market. Storvik’s head quarter is located in Sunndalsøra, close to Hydro Aluminium Sunndal. In addition to the main office, the company have branch offices in Kristiansund, Mosjøen, Czech Republic, Iceland and Russia. Storvik employs a total of 110 people.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Mechanical Department: Providing mainly mechanical maintenance, modification and services.
  • Engineering & Projects: EPC contracts with stand-alone deliveries in Engineering, FEM analysis and products.
  • Oil & Gas Industry: Engineering branch office in Kristiansund, aims to enter the oil & gas industry with EPC contracts and stand-alone deliveries/products.
  • Cast Products: Supplying customers with cast components/consumables in special cast steel, grey and nodular iron alloys

Viktor Røsand
Phone: +47 911 58 789

Amund Bjerkholt
Phone: +47 41 40 74 76


Thon Hotel Kristiansund

Thon Hotel Kristiansund is a new and exciting business hotel. The hotel is idyllically located on Innlandet, with a great view over the strait to the center of Kristiansund and has a large outdoor area with its own beach. The hotel has modern conference facilities and host all types of events.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Conference facilities
  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant Sørom; Ala carte-menu on summer Sundays between 17-22
  • Personalized coastal experiences

Britta Joø
Phone: +47 715 73 005


Umoe Sterkoder

Umoe Sterkoder - a company in the Umoe Group is located in Kristiansund and owns industrial areas in Melkvika and at Dale, a total of about 161,000 m².

Dale Industripark: A modern industrial plant facility, a total of 100,000 m², with quays, a large shipyard hall and a large number of cranes and facilities. 

Melkvika Industripark: After 20 years of sublease to Aibel, the industrial area of Melkvika is now undergoing changes and development to become a provident and modern area for operations and tenants. 

Rental and composition of tenants in the industrial parks is based on a philosophy that the companies must be complementary. Umoe Sterkoder thus takes an active role in ensuring that industrial parks are an arena for interaction and growth for our tenants.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

 Umoe Sterkoder AS is:

  • a service provider to the tenants by rental of existing buildings, quays, cranes and related supplies
  • providing efficient indoor and outdoor facilities in old and new buildings
  • also providing lots of outdoor space for storage or erecting custom built facilities
  • striving to meet a composition of tenants that will create a diversity in which firms benefit from trade with each other and interact together to deliver to markets outside the industrial park
  • Dale Industrial Park will continue to evolve with a focus on sustainable solutions.
  • The services offered by the seaside / quays will be further developed.

Tor Henrik Eide
Phone: +47 920 77 903


Varde AS


Varde is a leading supplier of quality products to the onshore and offshore market and maritime industry with a specialization in production and sales of ship equipment. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and is qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the oil industry. Our main customers are Rolls-Royce, Westcon, Kleven, Vard and Statoil.  

We also offers a wide range of teaching and training courses including cerification of welders, forklift truck, gantry/overhead crane, banksman and slinger and more.  

The company is located close to Vestbase at Løkkemyra industrial area.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Mechanical services
  • Chain stoppers
  • Fairleads
  • External doors: DNV-certificated, weathertight or spraytight
  • Internal doors: DNV-certificated, fire class A-60
  • Manhole covers: NS-series
  • Emergency hatches, weathertight hatches, ventilation hatches, tankcleaning hatches, rope hatches
  • Bollards
  • Drums
  • Chocks
  • Welding services
  • Surface treatment
  • Engineering
  • Teaching and training courses

Anders Gulbrandsen
Phone: + 47 924 01 960


Vest Supply AS

Vest Supply AS was established in 1992 and is located both at Vestbase offshore supply base, and in the Løkkemyra industrial area in Kristiansund. Our business goal is to provide an extensive range of services and products in a way that gives our customers savings through efficient purchasing.

Vest Supply AS is an associated owner of BIG Group, which is the leading supplier of tools, machinery, personal protective equipment and industrial supplies in Scandinavia. Our customers work primarily in manufacturing, oil & gas, construction and public administration. The chain addressed to professional users, and works with the leading suppliers in the market.

Our agency department department consist of personnel with extensive experience, who can assist with effective execution of projects, customs clearances and personnel assistance. We have an approved bonded warehouse, and are online with the relevant authorities.

Vest Supply AS is DNV GL certified according to ISO 9001, and certified by Achilles JQS.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

Agency services:

  • Project assistance
  • Marine Logistic services
  • Customs handling & clearence
  • Transport
  • Cargo handling
  • Warehouse services

Ships / Industrial supplies:

  • Hand & Machine Tools
  • Safety equipment
  • Provision, pantry & galley
  • Work place products
  • Consumer & Office materials
  • Working clothes


Your offshore & industry partner in Mid-Norway

Ole A Rambjør
Phone: 45 40 61 67


Vindel AS

Vindel AS is the business incubator, assisting companies and individuals with business development and innovation within oil and gas in the region of Møre and Romsdal.

As an incubator, we help to develop innovative businesses from the early stages using expertise, business tools and networks. Vindel aim to contribute to the creation and development of high-growth firms based on existing industrial activities in the regional petroleum cluster.

The clients of Vindel are entrepreneurs with new ideas, businesses with spin-off projects and companies and organizations with innovation projects focused on energy, waste management, logistics, subsea technology and services, or HES and oil spill recovery.

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

  • Start-up competence
  • Screening of ideas
  • Advisory services within a range of disciplines
  • Market research
  • Network activities
  • Process – and project leadership
  • Public and private finance

Asgeir Bahre Hansen
Phone: +47 928 44 288


West Elektro

Established in 1990, West Elektro have, with help from their local investors, been under continuous development. West Elektro is a considerable regional contractor within electrical installations for inland-based and oil related industry, office buildings, private estates, vessels, telecommunications, service works, design, electrical QA and thermography inspections.

West Elektro’s solid experience and local foundation have made them a preferred partner for an increasing number of customers, aiming to offer good quality and service, high professional standards and accessibility. West Elektro emphasize having competence to handle complete projects within construction and construction, from design to execution.

The company currently has about 55 employees. 

Disciplines / areas of expertise:

Maritime – Offshore

  • Maritime Ship Service
  • Offshore Services
  • Switchboards
  • Thermography Inspections
  • General Electrical Services

Industrial and Public Sector

  • Engineering
  • Light and Heat design
  • Switchboards
  • Communication
  • Computer Networks
  • Fire and Safety
  • Internal Controls
  • Building Automation

Private Sector

  • Lightning and Heat Systems
  • Fuse Panels
  • Electric Safety Control
  • Private Residence Installations

Alf Hjelmaas
Phone: +47 715 66 500