About ON Ocean network

Ocean Network is strengthening the local ability to acquire and handle larger projects within the ocean-segments offshore, aquaculture, energy and sea works through united marketing efforts, collaboration and internal readjustment between the participants of the network.

Consisting of 38 members from the regional industrial cluster, the network have seen an increase in ocean-related projects handled from the quays and offshore supply bases in Kristiansund and Averøy over the past few years. New technology has been developed and commissioned, and new projects have been accomplished as a direct result of network collaborations. Our participants handle mechanical works, welding, specialization in diving services, personnel hire, lodging and disciplines related to insulation, scaffold and surface treatment. Read about our members here.

The relationships and interactions between members are a highly valued result for the participants. Ocean Network arrange meet ups and events such as ON Time, ON Tour, supplier meeting and social networking events. Further the network shares a joint stand at important fairs like ONS.

Network history at a brief

2020: ON Ocean Network has 36 members.
Spring 2019: ON Ocean Network consists of 30 members.
Fall 2016: As a result of the strategy process, the network changed its name to ON Ocean Network and included Energy, Ocean Space and Sea Works as relevant markets for projects an opportunity.
2015 / 2016: The reduced activity in the petroleum industry created a need for change in both network goals and company focus. Thus, major strategic restructuring projects was conducted both for the individual members, and for the network.
Summer 2015: The market within the petroleum industry suffered from low oil prices, stalling the major offshore-related projects.
June 2014: ON Offshore Network was established by thirteen companies established ON Offshore Network SA as a network and a promoter for the suppliers to the petroleum industry in the Kristiansund region. The focus was mainly on large offshore projects such as rig classifications.

Why become a member?

We work as a supplemental marketing and promoter of the region, with focus on identifying, analyzing, defining and developing market information and strategic collaborative projects where we connect companies and other relevant partners. We focus on ongoing improvement of the network participant’s skills through innovative development technologies and competence enhancement. The network also assists and facilitates meetings and arenas for the participants to strengthen the collaboration. We believe we can get a stronger position and increased attractiveness for the region if we work together.

How to become a member

Is your company interested in participating in a local, engaged network providing interesting events and potential projects related to offshore, aquaculture, energy or sea works? Please use our contact form for more information related to joining our network.

Our vision and goals


We are ocean-service! 


Promoting and marketing of the region as a location for ocean services through the development and operation of the ON Ocean Network.

Main objectives:

  • Strengthen the region’s position as a location for major ocean space projects/works.

  • Increase the earnings and competitiveness of the participants through common development projects, competence enhancement, and coordinated marketing activities