About ON Ocean network

The startup

In June 2014, thirteen companies established ON Offshore Network SA as a network and a promoter for the suppliers to the petroleum industry in the Kristiansund region. The aim of the network was to help attract an increased number of large offshore-related projects to the region, in which the member companies can participate.

New market opportunities

As the market within the petroleum industry suffered from low oil prices, the major offshore-related projects stalled. Despite low activities we have managed to get several projects to the region through our network, but we have also learned that we are too dependent on one market. Through a strategy process the network members have found new pathways to diversify and look to other market opportunities; Energy, Ocean Space and Sea Works. We will still have the petroleum market, as it is still an important part of our region and will be in the future. To open to new markets, we have decided to change our name to ON Ocean Network. We believe that we can take a position in the regions competitiveness by collaborating, transferring and promote our knowledge and technology with each other and our partners.

 The members

As of January 2017, the network consists of 33 members with ties to the petroleum industry suppliers. The disciplines ranging from mechanical workshops and welding to specialization in diving services, personnel hire and disciplines related to insulation, scaffold and surface treatment. Read about our member companies here.

Why become a member?

We work as a supplemental marketing and promoter of the region, with focus on identifying, analyzing, defining and developing market information and strategic collaborative projects where we connect companies and other relevant partners. We focus on ongoing improvement of the member’s skills through innovative development technologies and competence enhancement. The network will also assist and facilitate meetings and arenas for the members to strengthen the collaboration. We believe we can get a stronger position and increased attractiveness for the region if we work together.

How to become a member

ON Ocean Network is open to all corporations that wishes to join and are willing to pay the membership fee and provide the expected workload. There is no geographic restriction on the network, but the expectation is that most of the members will be located in the Kristiansund region. To become a member, or for more information, use our contact form.

Our vision and goals


Be the preferred supplier to major ocean space-related project in the Kristiansund region.


Targeted promotion and marketing of the region as a location for major ocean space projects through the development and operation of coordinated regional supplier network.

Main objectives:

  • Strengthen the region’s position as a location for major ocean space projects.
  • Increase the earnings and competitiveness of the members through common development projects, competence enhancement, and coordinated market and promotion of the members